Sound Solution Vinyl Record Cleaner


It's All About The Sound!

Your record grooves are kind of like canyons that your stylus (needle) has to travel through.   The contours in the walls of those canyons are the musical information in the form of Stereo Left and Right.   Any foreign objects in that canyon - dust, mold, spores, pet hair, smoke residue, Cheetos, etc. is going to make a noise when the stylus hits it.

The secret to great sounding vinyl is CLEANLINESS and Sound Solution Vinyl Record Cleaner is your solution to this problem!


Sound Solution is YOUR Solution!

Whether you clean your records with an ultrasonic machine, wet-vacuum system, by hand or using a fluid-dampened brush like our Classic Record Brush, Sound Solution Vinyl Record Cleaner is YOUR solution for clean, quiet records...leaving nothing between you and the music!

(For more info on record cleaning methods, see our tips and tricks area)


Announcing...the Sound Solution Classic Record Brush!

Seasoned vinyl enthusiasts will know the look and feel...we've mated the old-school quality of a hand-milled solid white oak handle to the latest in microfiber technology!   The results are superb.

It works great as your sole record cleaning method, and is indispensable as a quick-clean brush for those with expensive record cleaning machines.  

Use it dry, or with the supplied 4 oz. bottle of Sound Solution Vinyl Record Cleaner.