Our Story

Hi!  My name is Mike Kohn.  I grew up during the Classic Rock / Vinyl heydays, and have been messing around with turntables pretty much all my life.

Back in the day, cleaning records mostly meant getting a D3 and later, D4 Discwasher brush, or the Watts Dust Bug (Audio Technica made a knock off of it as well), which was a little 'tonearm' with a roller and brush that tracked your record and cleaned it ahead of the stylus.

Wet-vac systems were new, expensive, and relatively unknown to all but a few purists.

Like everyone else, I was enamored with the Compact Disc when it sprang on the scene in 1984, and believed the promises that it would last forever and never skip.  We know now what a line of baloney *that* was.  

Though I never gave up completely on records, they did take a back seat until one day in 2002 when I walked into a thrift store and saw the dream turntable of my youth for sale for $10.  I snapped it up, and thus my personal vinyl revival began.

I started amassing vintage gear and, more importantly, tons of used records, usually for a dollar or less per title.  All of these records had one thing in common...30 plus years of filth accumulated in the grooves.   I had read about home built record cleaning machines and various DIY fluids.  How could I make something to clean my records?  And thus my work to develop the best record cleaning fluid in existence began.

My early efforts were promising, but it wasn't til I enlisted the help of a chemist friend who is a researcher at a prominent university that we made some advances that truly shot our efforts ahead of what was available commercially.  Over 10 years of research and development went into the fluid that is now available to you.

The brush is another story.  About 3 years ago, I started thinking about what had happened to the great old Discwasher brushes.  The original company that made them ceased to exist after 1982, and the naming rights have changed hands so many times over the years, with a cheapening of the brush each time, that what is available now doesn't work very well at all.

I initially set out to locate the fabric used on the D3 version, which in my opinion was the best version that was offered.  I struck out again and again as I searched the globe for this odd, directionally aligned fabric.  

Then it hit me.  Why was I searching for 40 year old fabric technology?  Surely that industry has made progress since the 1970's!   And it was that thought that led me to locating a particular microfiber fabric that is absolutely PERFECT for cleaning records.  Matched up with our Sound Solution Record Cleaning Fluid, it cleans better than any other handheld brush, period.  Perfect for those quick cleans between plays, or for the person who doesn't have enough records to invest a lot of money in a wet vac system.

My wife Kathy and I have over 3000 records and 5 turntables.   Every improvement and step along the way was personally tested by us.   We hope that you enjoy the kind of listening experience that we've grown accustomed to by using Sound Solution Products.

Yours in Vinyl,